50 Cent reportedly denies being a no-show to the graduation ceremony for his son, Marquise Jackson. This comment comes as a response of Marquise posting a Facebook status about making it without the help of his father. Some report that the Facebook post was fake but there are no photos of Marquise and 50 Cent together on that day which proves 50 wasn't present.

Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins, is the lady responsible for the mishap, according to 50 Cent. Allegedly, the mother refused to tell him when and where the ceremony would take place.


The ironic part of this story is that 50 Cent allegedly pays the bill of this Atlanta based private school Marquise attended.

Also, the weekend of the graduation, 50 Cent was in NYC schmoozing at a charity event.

Poor kid!


Photo Credit: Getty Images