It's all about Mimi!

Mimi Faust isn’t bothered by the negative attention she’s receive in the digital space in response to her sextape which was revealed in an interview with Madame Noire. In fact, Mimi laughs to herself when she thinks about these internet thugs who will never have the nerve to speak negatively about her to her face.

As far as her love life goes, she does not believe that Nikko is out to use her because they would have ended things long ago if that was the case.

Watching new episodes of Love And Hip Hop Atlanta doesn’t fancy Mimi because it’s always paints a different picture than what’s expected.

"When you film, you think it’s one way, once it gets edited and you see it, it’s something completely different from what you thought. Honestly, I think we’re going on episode four–I haven’t really watched. It will just make me mad. It’s been that way since the beginning so I’m used to that. They keep you kind of in this box where they want you to be. It takes all different types of characters and people to run the machine of Love and Hip Hop."

As far as her daughter, Mimi doesn’t think it will be the end of the world when she has to explain her sextape to Eva. Eva will have to understand that mommy was just “making love” to her boyfriend.

“I will explain everything to her. I will explain to her how it happened. I will explain to her why I made the decision to do what I did when she comes to me. I will sit her down and let her know, just like I’ll have to sit her down and explain why she has to go to high school and there are kids stabbing up kids and shooting kids in class. There are a whole lot of worse things in this world that I will have to explain to my daughter than mommy and her boyfriend making love.”

SPOTTED: Madame Noire