Tip commented on a photo of Tiny’s “booty shot” and said  that she needs to use her time doing something better.

Tiny was really showing off her tattoo located on her lower backside but it’s also pretty much a “back shot.”

This is the photo that pressed T.I. to leave a comment.

“@majorgirl, u have so much going for u other than you’re a$$. Although it is magnificent, I think you should spend just as much time showcasing those other things as u do ya #booty… Awesome pic tho. Luv.”

Tiny later replied to T.I.’s comement:

“@troubleman31 I wasn’t showing off my ass in this pic it was about my waist… u just looking at the ass bae! U no I wasn’t saying getting my sh** together about my ass now don’t u? but glad u like bae. ”

Is he throwing shade or is all of this to keep viewers interested in their reality show? Share your thoughts below.

-Getty Images