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Last week Da Brat was ordered to pay 6 Million dollars to the woman she assaulted at a party back in 2007.


Well Da Brat says, get in line honey because she owed a lot of people!

Da Brat explained to TMZ,

"That was a hell of a shock. I was baffled. I knew I shouldn't have did what I did. And I knew she was entitled to something, but $6.4 million... hell no. They had all of her doctor bills and they said it came to about $60,000. They didn't even have a neurologist there. A true neurologist or a neurological surgeon or anything like that to show proof that there was neurological damage."
Asked if she could afford to judgement Da Bratt replied,
"Pffft, hell no. I'm just gonna do what I do. Work and whatever ever money I get, I guess she's entitled to some of it, but I owe a lot of people. She gotta stand in line."