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New Yorker Jasmine Toliver has created a petition urging power couple Beyonce and Jay Z to spend a portion of their millions on their daughter's hair.  The petition "Comb Her Hair" has sparked quite an outrage amongst true fans.  The New Yorker Jasmine Toliver goes on to say in her petition that the parents have failed in numerous attempts to do Blue's hair.  She also urges the public to let the word out so that Blue can get "proper care" for her hair.  The petition reached 2,000 signatures by Thursday.  However, as soon as harsh criticism arrived, Toliver took to Facebook to downplay her attempts as a joke.  She says that can care less for Beyoncé but sincerely cares for the child's head.  She urges the public to "chill out."  How about you chill out and let the baby live. #YABIGDUMMY 


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