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Jack of Spade

I was born and raised in Norfolk Virginia with 6 beautiful sisters, 1 great brother, my lovely daughter, and moms who always kept the family together. I have always loved music, I was always stayed in the house to mold my craft while my homeboys played basketball and had fun. Around 15 years old I started doing mixtapes and House parties, then all the big block parties. I also got into doing the clubs and that really put the name and face out there. It was hard but I never gave up, being at the right place at the right time, I was called to do college radio and I was not in college, 91.1 NSU radio. The Dropsquad was the name of the crew, that lasted for about 2 years, then I was blessed to do 92.1 the beat (all hiphop station) Now I am rocking the big dog station 103 JAMZ forever! I have the opportunity that every DJ wants one day. I really worked hard to be where I am. It was not given to me, I thank the man upstairs for letting me do what I love to do and make a little doe while I'm at it. I'm a down to earth, approachable dude, I have had the opportunity to deal with every artist in the business and I also try to help my local artists. As a DJ , my talents are not restricted to nightclubs or radio. I have also mentored and guided the inner city youth of Hampton Roads. I have taken an active role to increase awareness and spread knowledge of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, which has claimed the lives of many African Americans in the tidewater community. I continue progressing towards reaching further heights in my career. These three words say it all: keep grindin jack!!!!! Saturday - 8p to 10p thanks for the support Sundays from 9 to 10p for the local artists .


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