Dame Dash Wants Lee Daniels To Pay Up

Dame Dash is ready for Lee Daniels to pay him the coins he owes him!

During a Diana Ross show Dash confronted Lee Daniels (video below) about paying up or a lawsuit will soon follow - which it has. He says: "As a black man I gave you money that you needed, so how you not gonna give me my money?" 

Daniels simply replied, "I will call you." 

Now we all know Dame was not going to let that go that easy: 

Couple of things that raised some eyebrows...on my end. 1) Precious came out 9 years ago and you just now coming to collect?? We gotta fix those bill collecting skills, Dame. And 2) We're just out here loaning two mil and chillin'?

I'm with Charlamagne. I won't loan you the money, so we won't have these problems! :)

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