Azealia Banks Wilds Out on Wild'N Out

The whole purpose of Nick Cannon's Wild'n Out is to joke right? Well Azealia Banks was invited out and wasn't aware she'd get joked. Banks apparently thought she was there to just perform her song, but after being called ugly multiple times, she'd had enough.

Now of course, there are three sides to a story: Azealia's side, Nick's side, and the truth (which I'm leaning more towards Nicks side because Azealia has a history of being dramatic). Azealia then decides to take a not so subtle shot at Nick in her IG story seen below and Nick responded - 

The purpose of the show is to JOKE. If you don't have a sense of humor, it's okay to say "No this isn't for me." 

Where is Azealia's PR to tell her just keep quiet and promote ya music?!

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