[Coronavirus] What to Expect When You Get Tested

Local Doctor Provides Coronavirus Testing From Parking Lot Container

Unfortunately, we can't cough without getting the side-eye or even have to check ourselves for a second since a dry cough is a symptom of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). So, if you're considering going to get tested, first, make sure you understand the testing guidelines according to the CDC. If you feel you meet the criteria and you want to go get tested, keep reading to get a glimpse into what to expect.

It's best to call ahead and let the health care professionals know that you are coming and possibly have Coronavirus. Once you arrive, expect to immediately be quarantined. A doctor/nurse, wearing their PPE (personal protective equipment), will check your blood pressure, temperature and breathing - all completely normal. Then, a swab is inserted into your Nasopharynx.

Sounds simple, right? Check out USA Today's illustration here.

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