WATCH: Black Twitter found XXXTentacion suspected killer in 3 hrs #dablock

Cybersleuths think they got a break in the case when they found a picture of rapper Soldier Kidd posing with Soldier Jojo, with a creepy red mask hanging on the driver seat headrest. Amateur gumshoes point out that the men and the mask match the description of the suspects given to 911. The seemingly cryptic caption, posted just a few hours after the shooting, says, “Triple X but we be banging like we BD.” Also, Kidd ordered from Hook Fish and Chicken, and took a picture with the plate and a gun in his lap. The seafood spot is less than a 10-minute drive from where X was gunned down.

The suspects could have found out X’s location through a post made by the motorcycle dealership that has since been deleted. The social media post shows a sleepy looking X with a bag in his hand -- possibly the same one stolen at the scene. 

Even more damning are now-deleted tweets that say, “I really just popped dis [guy]” and “Bruh I really just shot XXXtentacion I’m finna go viral.” Though these tweets aren’t linked to Kidd’s main account, folks say he used the name SniperGangRed as a secret burner account. 

Kidd denied the allegations in a video on Instagram. He says he has love for X even though he didn’t know the guy. And even though he wasn’t involved, he offered condolences to X’s family and says he'll keep his head up.

Soldier Jojo also posted a picture in which he was wearing the red mask. He later deleted it and put up a video where he said he had “respect” for the dead, and gave his alibi as “chilling” at the time of the murder. 

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