Breaking News: Jim Jones hit w/5 felony charges #dablock

Maybe they're rushing to get the reunion album out before they go away for a couple years.

It’s official — Dipset's Jim Jones has been charged with five felonies tied to a Georgia arrest that went down back in June.

TMZ reports The Capo was charged with three counts of possession of a controlled substance and two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He was also hit with a misdemeanor for possession of marijuana under an ounce. You may recall the Dipset rapper getting arrested on drug and weapons possession charges after a chauffeured Mercedes he was riding in got pulled over. Apparently under the rapper’s orders, the driver sped away during the traffic stop and led Atlanta cops on a short case.

The search ultimately turned up a whole cache of contraband. The car contained marijuana, 23 Oxycodone pills and a loaded Titan .25 caliber pistol inside a backpack. They also found a Ruger SR 9mm handgun reported stolen from Dekalb County in March. In a second backpack, police found a variety of pain pills, THC vape cartridges, Jones’ passport and $148 in what Jones called “petty cash.”

He’s expected to be arraigned later this month. If convicted on all six charges, he could wind up with decades of jail time.

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