GETO BOYS: Bushwick Bill Dead at 52 #dablock #thebeeshow

In May, Billannounced a stage four pancreatic cancer diagnosis. On the heels of that news, the group planned aFarewelltour, which Bill took issue with. He dropped out of a four-city run a couple days before it was scheduled to start, citing both creative differences and health complications from cancer treatment. 

Bill, whose real name wasRichard Stephen Shaw, was born with the condition of dwarfism. He lost his right eye after shooting himself during a 1991 argument with his girlfriend, while under the influence of grain alcohol and PCP. The aftermath was documented ontheWe Can’t Be Stopped album cover.

Bill’s group holds a special place in southern hip-hip history, helping to put Houston on the rap map with hits like “Damn It Feels Good to be a Gangsta” and. “Mind Playing Tricks on Me.” The Geto Boys are also considered innovators of the creepy horrorcore genre, which inspired groups likeThree-6 MafiaandICP

Outside of his work with the Geto Boys, Bill’s credits include an appearance onDr. Dre’sThe Chronicand a cameo in the “Dre Day” video. He also put out solo album calledNo Surrender…. No Retreatin 1998, which he dedicated to a friend who was a Fort Bend County prosecutor who got shot. 

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