The Aretha Franklin estate is dealing with a war of wills. #dablock

Three handwritten documents were found in couch cushions at one of her homes. One specifies her sonKecalf Franklin(aka Kecalf Cunningham) as her representative. But other family members have told the Oakland (Michigan) County Probate Court that Kecalf, now 49, and recently convicted of DUI, lacks the skills to oversee a multi-million-dollar estate.

Another of Franklin's sons,Theodore White the Second, and her nieceSabrina Owens Garrettwere named in a will dated 2010 -- but their names were crossed off the 2014 paper.

The Queen of Soul died last August 16th. At that time, Owens Garrett was named the executor of her estate. (

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 - 04:58 PM

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