TEKASHI 6IX9INE: 50 Cent Offered Legal Aid

Attorney Isaac Wright Junior says50 Cent tried to hire him to helpTekashi 6ix9ine.

This all happened back when Tekashi was first busted on federal racketeering charges. Wright, who was wrongfully convicted of being a New York-area drug kingpin in the 1990s, says 50 called and asked him to represent Tekashi.

Wright went to check on the rapper at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. But when he arrived, he was told that Tekashi was in court, and soon after, transferred to a lockup in Queens. When Wright tried to connect with the rapper in his new facility, Tekashi turned down the requests and it was “clear he was cooperating.” 

Wright says the “sad part is, he didn’t have to do that. I would have gotten him off without having to sell his soul.” 

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