.@NickiMinaj said she’s becoming Mrs. Petty “within the next seven days.”

Nicki Minaj said on Wednesday, (quote) “We could be married in the next seven days.” Nicki and Kenneth "Zoo" Petty have dated exactly a year. Three months ago, they received their marriage license but paused on tying the knot.

Nicki explained to E! News, (quote) “There's a particular pastor who I want to officiate. She was just made available. She told me she's available within the next week.”

The ceremony sounds low-key. Nicki said she hasn’t picked out a gown. She’s avoided making plans because she’s a confessed procrastinator. But marriage is an important step for Nicki, who wants children. That could be soon. She complimented Petty’s bedroom skills, (quote) “My man is the only person that can tell me what to do and that's because he got some good D.” (E! News)