Prince's memoir The Beautiful Ones comes out today. #theBeeShow #dablock

Out today, The Beautiful Ones is a puffed-up version of the 30 or so handwritten pages he'd completed before he died in April 2017. 

Prince's co-writer Dan Piepenbring finished the book with photos, handwritten lyrics, doodles and an introduction to explain the context of Prince's pages. He tells USA Today, "I am always really reluctant to say for certain about what he would think about anything... I have to imagine he would be pleased with the book."

The co-author is eager to remind people that Prince was more than a "strange dude from Minneapolis who learned all these instruments." 

The BBC website also posted a few excerpts from The Beautiful Ones:

  • Prince complains, "They keep trying to ram Katy Perry and Ed Sheerandown our throats, and we don't like it no matter how many times they play it."
  • In a chapter called "Kiss" he recalls when a girl called Laura "who was only five or six" enlisted him for a game of House, saying, "We weren't the first interracial couple in Minneapolis, but we were no doubt the youngest." 

Piepen bring says Prince thought the book could extend the activism that he had begun, especially his work with Black Lives Matter. 

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