.@SharonStone sues @ChanelWestCoast over #SharonStoned music video #dablock

Highlights are Redman and Michael Rapaport scene from Basic Instinct and the outakes! *NSFW The Golden Globe winner, who apparently “maintains strict control” over how her likeness is used, says Chanel raps her name 33 times and repeats "Sharon" 99 times in the song. Her lawyer's argue this “mantra-like repetition” is Chanel trying to cash in on Stone’s “extraordinary level of fame.” 

The song was released last year, with a video that followed this past April. The clip shows Chanel re-creating scenes fromBasic Instinctand other memorable moments from Stone’s career. 

The rapper says it's an homage to classic Sharon Stone movie scenes, and says Stone was actually going to appear in the video, but pulled out on the day of the shoot after months of conversations and rehearsals. (Rolling Stone)