.@ChancetheRapper video created by Chicago Public School students.

The 2017 track from Khaled’s Grateful has been given new life with a game you can play while listening to the track. The interactive music video concept sends students flying through Chicago trying to collect as many hearts as possible in 30 seconds. 

The game is called SuperMe and it was made by a group of Chicago Public School students learning to code. Students from seven elementary schools were animated as superheroes by the kids themselves.

In a statement, Chance said, “Seven elementary schools spent a bunch of time creating a game and drawing themselves as superheroes that can fly… A few weeks ago, I saw their incredible work and am so proud of them that I decided their projects should be seen by the entire world… So today, the first day of Computer Science Education Week, I present you with SuperMe, the official video gamefor ‘I Love You So Much.'"