.@bluefacebleedem trends for the wrong reason over the weekend #dablock

Blue threw a party on Saturday night, inviting a bunch of strippers over and giving them booze in preparation for a video shoot. The situation didn’t sit right with anyone who has been following social distancing guidelines.

He apparently deemed the dancers “essential workers” and had them leave the safety of their own homes to party at his mansion. And things only got worse from there. Two of the women got into a fight over alleged racist comments one of them made, leading to a literal wig-snatching. 

Blueface addressed the altercation when he posted a statement to Instagram Stories. “They were not fighting over me. It was a lot of Henny mixed with a lil’ attitude. I have not had relations with any of these women. No one was being racist. More than half the people here was Black so if you believe that, you’re invested in the internet a lil’ too much."

His manager,Wack 100, says there's no use in trying to tell his client what to do -- at the end of the day, he'll do whatever he wants, regardless of the consequences.

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