I QUIT: Amazon driver ditches his loaded van with the keys in the ignition

An Amazon delivery driver in Detroit quit his job in a tweet which went viral, and even inspired others to quit their jobs.

22-year-old Derick Lancaster tweeted on Monday that he quit his job and abandoned his package-filled van at a gas station with the keys in the ignition. The tweet quickly went viral and some people commented that it inspired them to also leave their jobs. Lancaster says he never expected the tweet to blow up like it did and explains that he eventually returned to the gas station to the retrieve the van. He explains that he quit the job because he felt pressured to deliver more packages and deliver them faster. The job also made him late for his sister's graduation party and that was the final straw.

Amazon was reached for comment and said, "This does not reflect the high standards we have for delivery partners. We are taking this matter seriously, and have investigated the matter and are taking appropriate action." (USA Today)