John Lewis crosses the Edmund Pettus Bridge for a final time. #dablock

As part of the tributes for Congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis, his body was carried across the Edmund Pettus Bridge on Sunday by a horse-drawn carriage more than 50 years after he was beaten by state troopers on the bridge as he marched for voting rights for Blacks.

Lewis, who died on July 17th from pancreatic cancer, was surrounded by mourners in an emotional tribute that took place where history was made on March 7th, 1965. Red rose pedals were laid out in place of the blood that was spilled that day.

Ralph Williams of Jasper, Alabama, who traveled 100 miles with his family to pay tribute to Lewis, said, "It's as significant as the Battle of Gettysburg in the history of this country. But only one side had weapons in this battle." (The New York Times)