.@Raekwon new doc in the works based on his classic purple tape, #OB4CL.

Rae tells HipHopDX, “I’m working on a powerful documentary about The Purple Tape album and it’s calledThe Purple Tape Files… So, people will definitely be inspired by this documentary. And one day, you never know, it may turn into a Godfather movie from the history that we’re basically gonna lay out on how this album was made… I mean when you sit here and you look at a movie like Once Upon a Time In AmericaThe GodfatherScarface, you will always remember those. Those was Rae’s favorite movies and favorite actors that played in those movies that inspired Rae to do it in a hip-hop form. So movies, maybe down the line. But right now, get ready for an explosive documentary that we’ve been working on for the last five years called The Purple Tape File.”