MEGAN THEE STALLION: Co-Writer Drops BLM-Related Song #dablock

The co-writer of Megan Thee Stallion's certified-platinum single "Savage," rising Dallas artist Bobby Sessions, dropped a new single today (Friday) in spirit of the Black Lives Matter movement called "Reparations."

The leading single comes from his new EP, RVLTN (Chapter 3): The Price of Freedom, set to release on September 11th. This is the third installment of theRVLTN series, but all of them have touched on systemic oppression and empowerment of Black communities. Listen to the new single now on YouTube

Bobby says, “These days, Black lives have simply been reduced to hashtags. There's often no time to grieve for our victims because another one of us gets killed shortly thereafter... I have been active­ly speaking out against the killing of unarmed Black people by law enforcement... And I will continue to use my platform to speak out against a problem that negatively affects people all across the world that look like me.”