AKON: Dreams of Building Wakanda #theBeeShow #dablock

The singer Akon envisions building a real-life Wakanda from the Chadwick Boseman movie, Black Panther. He imagines it could become a destination for Black Americans that wish to return to their ancestral roots.

On Monday, Akon unveiled the artistic concept of his futuristic city that features "twisting, metallic skyscrapers." Akon will name the city after himself. Akon City will operate with a cryptocurrency called “Akoin.” He will build it in the West African nation of Senegal. The price tag is “only” $6 billion.

The Senegalese government offered him 2000 acres for free in hopes of improving tourism. Akon laid in a corn field the first ceremonial corner stone of his utopian city. He said, (quote) “I want the buildings to look like real African sculptures that they make in the villages.”

However, Akon was criticized for not hiring locally. His Akon City architect is from Abu Dhabi and the building firm is American. (Fox News

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