In "why am I even posting this news" T69 rare interview with NYT #dablock

Tekashi 6ix9ine sat down for a rare interview with the New York Times.

He explained why he feels justified in snitching and breaking the so-called street code.“I was following a street code that was upheld by me and that I thought was real. Before I broke the street code, how many times was it broken to me? 'It’s all about honor, loyalty.' Well, let’s talk about if sleeping with somebody’s girl is honor, kidnapping somebody is honor, stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from them is honor, trying to kill them is honor. 'Snitching’s not street!' But street is taking advantage of one of your homies?”

He said he got down with the Nine Trey Bloods to get more credibility. "I was killing the European market. But when you’re a kid from New York, you don’t want to be the kid that is only being played in Slovakia. I want to go outside in New York and hear my music. I want to go to the club and hear my music blasting through those speakers. What’s the point of doing something and you’re not the best at doing it in your hometown?"

He made multiple comparisons between himself and Tupac Shakur, asking “What’s the difference between [Troublesome ’96] and 'Billy?' And asserting, “There’s no difference between me and Tupac Shakur.” 

Elsewhere in the interview,he admitted to being “addicted to attention” and says he would vote for Trump before laughing.

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