TEYANA TAYLOR: Powerful New Music Video #theBeeShow #dablock

What, you thought being pregnant was going to stop Teyana Taylor from making new music videos? Think again.

Teyana’s new video for “Still” features re-creations of iconic Civil Rights-era imagery like Malcolm X looking outside his window while toting an assault rifle, Emmett Till’s mom crying at the sight of her son’s dead body and Huey P. Newton sitting in a rattan throne chair. 

The point she’s making is as much as thing seem to change, thing still stay the same. The video features the names of people killed by either racist Americans or the police throughout. 

She posted the powerful visuals with a caption demanding change, hammering home the song’s name and message. "We are STILL emotional. We STILL keep fighting for love, justice. Yet we STILL keep losing our beautiful Black lives. Where’s our healing? #STILL official video out now! I shot this video a few months ago & its crazy how to this day our cry for love is STILL so relevant today and plans to be for a very long time shaking my head! WE DEMAND CHANGE!!! There wasn’t one day that went by in the editing room that I didn’t shed a tear. Smh This project means so much to me and I’m honored to finally be able to share with you. Thank you to everyone involved.”

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