KODAK BLACK: Suing Federal Bureau of Prisons #dablock

Kodak Black's suing the Federal of Bureau of Prisons, saying he’s being tortured.

He alleges torture and religious suppression by guards and officials at the United States Penitentiary, Big Sandy in Kentucky. His legal filing points out that he was transferred to his current facility after a “gang beatdown” perpetrated by Miami guards. Guards allegedly “flicked” his testicles then placed him in a backless paper gown with a four-point restraint, that restrains arms and legs, for over six hours, forcing him to “urinate and defecate on himself” as the guards cracked jokes. This incident left him with lacerations, vomiting, bleeding from the mouth, embarrassment, humiliation and emotional distress. 

He also claims he’s been unable to worship with the Rabbi despite being a “faithful member of the Hebrew Israelites.” 

Kodak wants both compensatory and punitive damages, plus his attorney fees reimbursed. He’s also hoping to be transferred to a lower level prison facility. 

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