SMOKEY ROBINSON: Don't Call Him African American #theBeeShow

Smokey Robinson "cannot stand for anybody to call me an African American." He tells theMinneapolis Star Tribunethe term is "a sellout... Everybody stems from Africa. According to the scientific data we have, the first people on Earth were in Africa."

The Motown icon explains, "With all the Black people that have done things to develop this country, done the labor and fought in the wars, we deserve to be called, at this point in time, American Americans, if you’re going to call us anything. Why not just an American? Why do we have to be African Americans? I know it was probably adopted by some Black people for power. Why they did that I do not know. It’s unacceptable to me."

Smokey's comments parallel those he has used inpoetic speeches on equality and civil rights in recent years.