TOM CRUISE: Five Crew Members 'Freakin' Gone' #dablock #theBeeShow

One day after Tom Cruise exploded in a temper tantrum, five crew members walked off the movie set.

Rather than take abuse from Cruise, they took an early Christmas break. In Tom's immortal words, they're "freakin' gone."

A source on the set said tensions had been running high. Then Cruise erupted with anger under the stress of trying to finishMission: Impossible 7under strict regulations established by the British government. And, more importantly, before Christmas Eve.

The insider claimed, “Since Tom’s outburst became public, there has been more anger. He’s upset others aren’t taking it as seriously as him.” (The Sun, UK) 

Three months ago,Cruise reportedly chartered a docked shipso that the movie crew could isolate in relative comfort. 

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