MARVIN GAYE: Special Honor for "What's Going On" #dablock #theBeeShow

Marvin Gaye's most topical and enduring song is being honored on Inauguration Day.

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has officially proclaimed tomorrow (Wednesday) as What’s Going On Day in her state.

Widmer says, "Having this tribute on the calendar provides us with an important moment — one where we can come together as a unified state to pause, reflect, and appreciate the need for ideas, perspective, love, and understanding. These are values that mean more today than ever before." By honoring the song, Widmer adds, "We hope to bring awareness to Marvin Gaye’s profound words as his timeless music remains in our hearts and minds and continues inspiring generations to come."

In coordination, Detroit's Motown Museum will launch several virtual celebrations and signature events tied to Marvin and his legacy. (Rolling Stone)

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