Unfaithful is an emotional, twist-turning stage play that explores the life of Kenny and Rochelle Jones, the perfect couple who seem to have it all. Together with their daughter, they share a privileged life in the suburbs. While Rochelle owns a thriving production company and has achieved much, she still believes in making a man feel like a man, therefore allowing Kenny to make all major decisions concerning the household. After constantly having to diminish her own success, she finally comes to the realization that her husband just wants to be in control and he will never treat her as an equal partner in the marriage. Rochelle decides that it may be time to show Kenny who the real bread winner is in the family. When she starts making boss moves, his insecurities kick in, and he makes a decision based on selfish intentions. Just as Rochelle discovers the truth and is about to confront Kenny, an unforeseen succession of incidents happen and one spouse is hit with a devastating surprise… Question is: Who’s been playing who?

See the play on July 20th at Willett Hall!