iLoveMakonnen Gives Update On Drake Beef: 'It's All Love'


Drake and iLoveMakonnen are all good. 

In a recent interview with Real 92.3 LA, the "Tuesday" rapper opened up about his fallout with his former labelmate, explaining how they have since moved past their drama. 

While ILoveMakonnen didn't go into extreme detail about what started their beef, he admitted that the finding of old tweets of his that took shots at Drake was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back, in terms of his relationship with OVO and the "In My Feelings" rapper. He further explained that things only got worse after people from OVO found the tweets, because shortly after, a former crew member of his hacked his Tumblr, and slammed his then-label. 

"There was another time when my account got hacked by somebody and they said, 'F**k OVO, f**k this, f**k that,'" he explained. "I ain't gotta make no excuses up, somebody really was out here trying...they wasn't rolling with the crew no more type of sh*t." While Makonnen, who made his return to music this month with the release of his Gucci Mane collab "Spendin," admitted that the hacking wasn't the only thing to cause tension between him and Drake — nor did it lead to his release from OVO Sound in April 2016 — he said it certainly didn't help. "You know how sh*t already kinda rub you sideways, and then like you would never got to talk about [it], we would never patch it up and it's just like...Akademiks start making videos and sh*t," he said.

However, time has seemingly healed all wounds in this case because Makonnen said he and Drake are fine these days. "We all good now, I mean I ain't on the label no more but it's all love," he shared.

Photo: Getty Images


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