Gabrielle Union Calls Out Driver For 'Dropping A Deuce' In Her Bathroom

Gabrielle Union kicked off 2020 with a hilarious overshare.

Shortly after the clock struck midnight on Wednesday (January 1), the former America's Got Talent judge took to Twitter to share with her 4.2 million followers that her Uber driver dropped her and a little something else off on New Year's Day.

"Trying to be responsible & use UBER & our driver asked to use our bathroom 15-20 min later 🤢 Dude dropped a deuce," she wrote. "Im pleased we clearly have a home & available reading material that screams "Come in, get comfortable and drop the kids off at the pool" Welcome to 2020 folks 💩🤗."

Prior to posting her TMI tweet, Gab and her husband Dwyane Wade enjoyed a house party to ring in the New Year. "House Parties Only In 2020," the 47-year-old actress captioned a video of her and D-Wade getting down at the casual NYE party.

Gabrielle ringing in the New Year with a laugh is definitely refreshing given the fact that her last few months of 2019 were pretty rough. As fans know, just days after it was announced that the L.A.'s Finest actress would not be returning as a judge on America's Got Talent, Variety reported that she had expressed concern over "offensive" incidents that took place while she was on the NBC show.

The former AGT judge indirectly referenced her tough year in her end of year recap on Instagram, writing, "2019 brought so many lessons, so many blessings. There were blessings that were disguised as failures or humiliation and I am most grateful for those. I learned that in my quest to live my most authentic life, I've let my ego run point over my soul."

"I've been asking, praying, mediating that any opportunity, friendship, relationship (business or personal) person, experience, always centers my peace, my joy and my grace," she added. "Anything that comes my way that moves me away from being my most authentic self, is not for me."

"What I discovered is that my intuition is undefeated while my ego takes Ls often," Gabrielle continued. "Your ego tells you you know every damn thing. Your most authentic self encourages you to listen, learn and evolve. My ego told me that an opportunity that lines my pockets but encourages my complicity in oppressive systems and mandates my silence is a good opportunity. My most authentic self was crying out for me to remember that real freedom does not come with my silence when I should be out front doing the work for real change and starting with the most marginalized of us. May 2020 bring more clarity, more courage, more wisdom, more lessons, more failures and more blessings. Cheers to more peace, love and grace. Love and light good people."

Photo: Getty Images