The 4th of July Mixoff Weekend

The DJs have control of the music!!!

The annual 4th of July Mixoff Weekend kicks off Friday at 2p.

Full line-up below:


2-6p DJ Bee

6-8p DJ DC

8p-10p DJ Karee

10-12a DJ Rick Geez

12a-2a DJ 33 3/1


10a-2p DJ DC

2p-4p DJ L.E.S.

4p-6p DJ Karee

6p-8p DJ Rick Geez

8-10p DJ Jack of Spade

10p-2a DJ 33 1/3


10a-2p DJ L.E.S.

2p-6p DJ Bee

6p-10p DJ Jack of Spade

10p-12a DJ Karee

12a-2p DJ Rick Geez


10a-2p dj fountz

2p-6p DJ Bee

6p-10p DC

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