Rick Ross' New Book Teaches Readers How To Build An Empire

Photo: Getty Images

Rick Ross has published a new book, The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler's Guide to Building Your Empire, and it's now available in stores and online. While the book does not go into any form of being a memoir of Ross' life, it does work as a "how-to" guide for readers to learn how to build their own empire.

While sharing some of his own experiences with failure and setbacks within his vision, and includes tips for how to manage and invest money, how to find success within the music industry, and the importance of building a team that stands behind your vision.

Ross' most recent book follows his 2019 memoir, which went into further detail about his life. The Perfect Day to Boss Up contains 256 pages and details a variety of topics necessary to his personal success, with Ross hoping to share his knowledge and inspire readers to go on and build their own empires.

"[Ross'] path to success was not always easy," the publisher's note said. "Despite adversity and setbacks, Ross held tight to his vision and never settled for anything less than greatness. Now, for the first time, he shares his secrets to success, offering his own life as a road map to readers looking to build their own empire."

The rapper recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing Drake and Kanye West beef, stating that he's "just enjoying it." He went on to explain about their disses to one another, "I just never took non of that s*** personal. Dudes rich, man. I don't even think they trippin about that s*** man."

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