Va's Own DRAM Claps Back at Drake for “BackOutsideBoyz” Reference!

DRAM has called out Drake after the rapper made an apparent reference to the “Cha-Cha” and “Hotline Bling” drama in 2015.

“Somebody tell Drake to shut the fuck up about that shit, man,” said DRAM in a video shared on Twitter on Friday. “Fucking five years ago, this n***a never even touched me, n***a. I pressed his ass! His fucking bodyguards, goddamn—I ain't gonna hold you, his bodyguards went to town on the kid. But his bodyguards did, not his bitch-ass! He ain't touch me, he's a bitch. You know that."

His comments come after Drizzy evidently referenced DRAM’s breakthrough hit “Cha-Cha” on “BackOutsideBoyz,” which appears on his collaborative album with 21 Savage, Her Loss. “Tried to bring the drama to me, he ain’t know how we cha-cha slide,” Drake raps, seemingly nodding to an altercation. In 2015, DRAM accused Drake of plagiarizing "Cha-Cha.”

“What’s up, my n***a? But you don’t wanna do that,” DRAM continued. “You wanna have your guards. That’s cool, though. He ain’t touch me, though. And that shit from five years ago! Come on, n***a. … Why don’t you bring up how you got smacked by Diddy or some shit?”


Photo: Getty Images

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