Mathew Knowles Explains Why Solange Didn’t Join Destiny’s Child!

Matthew wanted the world to know that he initially desired for Solange to join her sister in Destiny’s Child, but she had other plans. In his post, he clarified that he also respected her decision, and the rest is history.

In the post, Matthew admitted he was surprised by Solange’s decision, thinking she’d be thrilled to be a part of one of the most prominent girl groups of all time. However, Solange made it clear she wanted to go solo.

Matthew stated, “You would think joining Destiny’s Child would be a dream to her.” He added, “she had every opportunity to seize the success that the group was experiencing.” Yet, Solange wanted to explore her own creativity.

The proud father also said, “And Solange’s desires and faith in herself trumped my personal desires for her. You see, I realized then that she had an unmatched character and an unwavering belief in herself. Me as a father could never get in the way of that. I finally supported and encouraged her decision. I didn’t fight against it anymore.”

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