Justin Timberlake Performance: Yeah or Nah?

posted by Ambie Renee -

14 years later and I am not impressed (inserts face palm emoji here).

It wasn’t a BAD performance. It was lack luster. What saved him was that ONE Prince song. That took the performance from a 3 to a strong 7 for me. So many opportunities:

The stadium was lit up PURPLE during your Prince song….DO A TRIBUTE (especially if you’re trying to redeem yourself from that disaster 14 years ago)All that old music and we’re living in a ‘what have you done for me lately society’…DROP SOMETHING NEW! And have a talk with the sound guy because your back-up singers drowned you out in the beginning.

That’s just a couple. Like I said, it wasn’t HORRIBLE, but I get more excited over my music playlist in my phone (no shade).

Catch it again below. All opinions are welcome!


Ambie Renee

Ambie Renee

Ambie Renee


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