QTNA: Who Bit Beyonce?!

One question:

Who is out here bitin’ Beyoncé, BEYONCE, IN THE FACE?! 

According to Tiffany Haddish, it was a well known actress who apparently is on 10 all of the time. She says Bey stormed off in rage -- I would too if someone bit me in the face...especially if I’m Beyoncé.

Somehow Sanaa Lathan has been identified as the alleged face biter, but she says otherwise:

Sources close to Haddish insist Lathan is the culprit, but it was not with any ill intent...just a playful bite so to say.

Well, now Beyoncé got two cups of tea to spill:

  1. who is Becky with the good hair? (Yup, I still need the answers, Sway)
  2. Who bit you in the face, girl? 

All I know is I’d hate to be that person when the Beyhive finds out. 

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