Basketball Wives Szn 7 [RECAP]


Season seven! 

Okay so I'm a little lost because last season I thought Tammy and Evelyn squashed the beef, but honey there was so much back and forth shade!

Example 1: TAMMY - Tell everybody I said hey...that I f%$k with.

Example 2: TAMMY slick calling Evelyn French Montana's publicity stunt (LMAO)

Example 3: EVELYN mimicking Tammy's walk

Just messy. Moving on.

Jackie had her surgery and seems a lot more confident. Same level of messy/crazy. Clearly her struggling relationship with her other daughter, Takari will be a big topic of many discussions this season. Girl's name was mentioned so much she should've gotten a check, BUT, she let us know quick why that won't be happening...


Needless to say, this will be an interesting season. Let's chat next week!

Ambie Renee

Ambie Renee

Ambie Renee


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