Drake's Mentor, J. Prince On Drake/Pusha T Beef

We all know how deep rap beefs can go and this Drake/Pusha T/Kanye West beef just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

The beef between VA's own, Pusha T and Drake was reignited recently during track 7 of Pusha T's latest album, Daytona.

So Drake responded. Pusha TEA responded and spilled all types of hot green tea and then Drake went silent...

Drake's mentor, J. Prince, says he called the Duppy freestyle rapper and advised him not to respond:

Me and Drake have a mutual respect for one another. When I speak, he listens. When he speaks, I listen. I spoke in a manner where it made sense. I didn’t use my words loosely or lightly. I had some substance about what I said. Basically, in a nutshell, we have a situation that crossed the line of music. He dissed Drake’s mom, he disrespected his father, he disrespected 40 -- a man that’s dying, who's ill. He crossed the line where music is concerned. We are people with a movement. This ain’t happen with Drake by accident.

Since it's been leaked that he is the reason we haven't heard from Drake, J. Prince is now receiving threatening text messages.

I just got a text on my phone from somebody with a threat about staying away from Pusha T,” he said. “I don’t know where it came from, but I see addresses [of people I know]. ‘Keep his name out of your mouth, or else.

Sounds like the people are starting to drive this rap beef instead of letting the rap beef be driven by the rappers. Either way, don't count Drake out just yet. His album is scheduled to drop this month.

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