Floyd Mayweather Sued For A Measly 2mil

You have to know when to pick and choose your battles. So when it comes to $2mil that you want from Floyd, you fightin' or nah?

Well, Zinni Media, a Nigerian company is ready for a fight...in court. After allegedly booking the undefeated boxer in June 2017 and pre-paying a deposit on $210k, Mayweather was a NO show, but he then offered to reschedule...for a bigger fee...and still a no show at the later date.

We know how it looks when a promotion company says our favorite celeb is invading our city and suddenly they can't make it. We get mad at the company because our favorite celeb would never disappoint us. So Zinni Media is suing saying Mayweather not only damaged their rep, but also defrauded them.

Two things: 

1) That's chump change to him  - He bought his daughter a 30 carat diamond ring, somewhere in the high hundred thousands, for her 18th birthday recently.

2) Floyd fights for FUN and he's never lost....

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