Kodak Black Being Released From Jail

Rapper Kodak Black will be released from jail 08.18.18!

With fans screaming #FreeKodak, they'll soon get their wish after a long eight months. Black was arrested mid-January after a live video was seen in his home of people handling drugs and even a handgun while around an infant. This resulted in him being charged with several felony charges including child neglect, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, marijuana possession, and grand theft of a firearm. In April, Black pled guilty and was sentenced to a year in prison. If this sounds harsh, remember, Black was already on probation for a 2016 sexual assault lawsuit. Not to mention he's violated his probation several times.

Well someone was looking out for the Roll in Peace rapper because his good behavior release date was in October but he'll be home about two months early. Let's just hope he can stay out this time and don't roll anything in anybody's peace anytime soon!

#FreeKodak --> #KodakFree

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