Bobby Brown Denies Whitney Houston Abuse

2017 BET Upfront NY

In an attempt to promote his upcoming BET movie, The Bobby Brown Story, Brown shocked the entire press with this one:

"There was no violent incidents between me and Whitney. You're mistaken. You're completely wrong." When a reporter confronts him about the 911 call which is also public record, Brown responds, "The public record is wrong." 

Mind you, he turned himself in on battery charges during this incident. I guess that public record is wrong too and the police report detailing her bruised face.   

"We are correcting everything the press has believed about me. I'm able to tell my story from what I know. My truth. That's the basic reason we did this film."

There's always three sides to a story. His side, her side, and the truth. Unfortunately, the legend isn't here to defend herself so now we are subjected to this *inserts clown emoji*.

Needless to say, this interview ended QUICK!

Well I guess we now know what's NOT going to be in this movie. It airs 9/4 -9/5 on BET.

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