Pusha T Cancels Daytona Tour Dates

Pusha T dropped his solo album, Daytona, and decided to take it on tour! Now, fans in nine cities are left with an unexplained disappointment because tour dates have been cancelled. 

You can find the updated tour list below, but let's clear up one BIG fabrication. There are stories floating claiming he cancelled specific dates because of boycotting Drizzy fans. Chile, the lies. Could it not be scheduling conflicts? Ticket sales? Let's wait to hear it from the source.


  • 7/31 Denver, CO
  • 8/2 Milwaukee, WI
  • 8/4 Kansas City, MO
  • 8/6 Detroit, MI
  • 8/8 Chicago, IL
  • 8/12 Boston, MA
  • 8/15 Baltimore MD
  • 8/20 Norfolk VA- Norva!
  • 8/25 Houston, TX
  • 8/30 Phoenix, AZ
  • 8/31 Santa Ana, CA
  • 9/1 Los Angeles, CA
  • 10/13 Oakland, CA

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