Wendy Williams Saw Future's FUTURE

Wendy Williams

ICYMI: A couple of weeks ago, Wendy Williams called out Future and a POSSIBLE baby mama #6 and well...she wasn't wrong. Check out the recap below:

It appears Wendy must've SEEN the future because baby mama #6 has been revealed!

If you recall, Future's most recent BM is Joie Chavis, also known as the mother to Shad Moss's (Bow Wow) daughter. So as a recap:

  • Ciara and Bow Wow date
  • Bow Wow and Joie have a baby (cute little diva, too!)
  • Ciara and Future date
  • Ciara and Future have a baby
  • Joie and Bow Wow split
  • Ciara and Future split
  • Joie and Future have a baby...on the way

And now Future has ANOTHER baby on the way.

Whew, chile.

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