Jussie Smollett Role Drastically Cut Back in Empire

With the possibility that Jussie Smollett orchestrated his own hate crime attack and in the final filming days of hit show Empire, you can expect to see a lot less Jamal this upcoming season.

According to TMZ, 5 of the 9 scenes Smollett was scheduled to have + his musical number have all been cut. This comes after speculation that Jussie paid those two fine brothers to intentionally attack him. The logic? That's up in the air along with this entire case.

One could argue he's innocent which is why he isn't saying much. A guilty person will always defend themselves to the end and he's pretty much letting us believe what we want to believe. (We want to believe YOU, Jussie). On the flip side, there are so many holes to this story: the partial phone records, the brothers admitting they were paid, alleged eye witness neighbors SEEING Jussie with the alleged attackers prior to the event. And let's be real, Chicago police don't really have the most reliable track record - remember Laquan McDonald and there's WAY too many leaks in this case.

Who knows. By the time you read this, there will probably be more updates. This might as well be an Empire spin off

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