Jussie Smollett Clear of ALL Charges

You read the title right. All 16 charges Jussie Smollett was facing have been dropped for reasons that were actually pretty obvious.

In the press conference with Police Chief, Eddie Johnson, he indicated a few things that were NEVER confirmed: 1) Jussie wrote the check to pay off those two fine Nigerian brothers and 2) He mailed that hate letter to himself at Empire studios.

This is not the first time Chicago Police Department has been caught up in some drama. I'll just say Laquan McDonald. CPD were facing charges for covering up his shooting. Yes, they were found not guilty, but this is just one example of many.

This case has taken so many turns. I won't be surprised if those brothers teamed up with CPD against Jussie, but who knows. We need Gayle Roberts to come in and get the tea.

If you missed the live press conference with the Police Chief making unproven accusations, watch it below!

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