Beyonce's HOMECOMING Documentary + An ALBUM!

Beyonce came like a thief in the night, but the only thing she stole was my sleep when she dropped HOMECOMING: A film by Beyonce on Netflix.

If you remember, Coachella 2018 was super hush-hush. Beyonce was the first black woman to EVER headline Coachella - which became known as Beychella last year. In this intimate film, written, directed and produced by Beyonce, she shares some very intimate experiences. This documentary sums up her 22 year career in a little over two hours. I'll give you a few spoilers but then you need to set aside 137 minutes and experience this.

  1. She always wanted to attend and HBCU, but her HBCU was Destiny's Child. Hence the Beychella theme.
  2. She topped 218 lbs the day she gave birth to Sir and Rumi, unsure she'd ever be able to perform the same again.
  3. Blu Ivy is a mini Yonce in the making!

Along with dropping the film, she had the nerve to snatch our wigs AGAIN and drop a surprise LIVE ALBUM with some never before heard songs, chile. Check it out!

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