How Beyonce Turned $6mil Into $300mil in Just 4 Years

Wanna know how to make your money make money for you? Follow Beyonce's lead and INVEST!

Back in 2015, she was offered $6 million to perform at a corporate event in Vegas for Uber. Instead of the money right then, she instead asked for equity and so invested that money. At the time Uber was "exclusive only" on the New York Stock Exchange. That changed 5/10/2019 when they went public at just $45 per share. Well since Bey got in SUPER early, her $6 million is now $300 million!

The Carter's aren't billionaires for nothing though. You know Jay-Z got in on this too! along with Ashton Kutcher, Leonardo DiCaprio and a few other celebs.

This isn't the first time Beyonce has thought smart with her coins. Beyonce got her $4 mil/per weekend at Coachella 2018 while also inking an exclusive Netflix Documentary deal for another $60 million.

Take note! Multiple streams of income, investing, all apart of getting BAGS!

"Always stay gracious. Best revenge is yo paper." - Bey

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